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Why Backpacking Is Good For You

Introduction Backpacking has slowly been growing on people, and it’s quite safe to say it’s finally getting the attention it deserves. Gone are the days when only a handful of people had ever indulged in the sport or even heard of it. Backpacking is a complete package of fun, memories, and adventure all in one. … Read more

Top 10 Shoes for Backpacking You Should Try Out

Top 10 shoes for backpacking

When planning for a backpacking trip, among the essential gear choices you’ll make is footwear. Strained muscles, blisters, and scrunched toes could ruin your backcountry journey easily. Selecting shoes for backpacking is an aspect where research and expertise go a long way. It’s crucial to choose footwear that fits properly and is suitable for the … Read more

5 Best Sleeping Bags and Pads for Backpacking


Sleeping bags are an essential component of backpacking gear. When the sun goes down, this is your only refuge. When paired with a decent sleeping pad and blanket, a sleeping bag offers you beauty rest and allows you to get ready to take on the trail the following day. The trick to having a decent … Read more

10 Benefits of Backpacking Alone that You Didn’t Know

10 Benefits of Backpacking Alone that You Didn't Know

Most people believe that hiking with friends is more fun than going alone. However, traveling alone in the wilderness is a unique and enjoyable experience, especially to anybody willing to improve their backpacking skills and grow their confidence. It is an excellent way of finding out which backpacking skills are missing or need some improvement. … Read more

What I Have Learned From My Backpacking Trips

What I Have Learned

Introduction From the great memories to embarrassing nostalgic moments, backpacking is a whole fun package. Choosing to get out of the comfort of your home to go backpacking might be the best decision you ever make. Whether you decide to go backpacking alone or with a couple of friends, the thrill remains. The fear and excitement … Read more

9 Simple Backpacking Tips

Group of Friends

Introduction It’s a hot, dull afternoon, and you are just chilling with your friends.  You’re chatting about random stuff to pass the time, and you ask “why not go backpacking on the weekend?“ Going out on a hike is one of the best relaxation trips you can ever have. Backpacking is an excellent way of … Read more