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What to Wear While Backpacking?

Part Two Best Clothing to Wear on Your Backpacking Adventures Good choices for a comfortable, effective and versatile backpacking wardrobe for your hiking and camping excursions include the following: Comfortable Underwear Making a good decision about the right kind of underwear for backpacking is essential. It is important that the fabric will wick away moisture … Read more

What to Wear While Backpacking?

PART ONE Backpacking and hiking trips in the wilderness, backcountry, or a nearby state parks require adequate clothing and accessories. Are you planning a weekend trek over moderately hilly terrain or an extended backpacking adventure in a mountain range? Regardless of the locale, the length of your trip, or level of difficulty of the territory … Read more

Top 10 Backpacking Destinations in the USA

Your own idea of a fantastic backpacking adventure is what makes it the winning trek. In general, most backpackers opt for gorgeous scenery and enough rough, steep or rocky terrain to make hiking a challenge. Although long treks are attractive, many backpackers choose shorter hikes, often covering less than 50 miles. Of course, your level … Read more

How Safe are Backpacking Water Filters?

Introduction High-quality backpacking water filters can protect your health and keep you fit and active on the trail. Especially when you trek in remote areas by yourself or in a small group, this item is absolutely essential gear. In past years, many hikers and campers had major concerns about becoming seriously ill from drinking contaminated … Read more

How Many Miles A Day Can I Expect for a Backpacking Trip?

Many beginning hikers wonder how many backpacking miles per day they can expect to cover. On average, a backpacker with some experience usually treks at speeds ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 miles per hour. At this speed, if you hike for 7 hours each day of your trip, you can trek between 17.5 and 24.5 … Read more

How Much Food and Water Should I Take on a Backpacking Trip? What Should I Eat?

If you are new to backpacking, you most likely have questions about how much food and water to take along. You probably know the amount of nutritious provisions needed for a short trek,  yet packing the right type and amount of food and drink for a longer trip can be difficult to figure out. The … Read more

Things to Bring When Camping and Backpacking

Essential Backpacking Gear and Supplies Plus Optional Extras Whether you are an experienced backer or a novice, having essential gear and supplies with you is essential. If you are accustomed to trekking and camping on different types of terrain, you most likely have well-used checklists. You know what styles and weights of clothing to pack. … Read more

What Backpack Should I Get?

What Backpack Should I Get?

Selecting the Ideal Backpack Design for Your Next Hiking Adventure Is your next travel adventure plan for a rugged, epic hike over rough and rocky terrain or a simple overnight camping trip? What backpacking needs are expected? For either trip, you need a high-quality, dependable backpack that supports easy, organized packing. Remember that packing and … Read more

Top 8 Backpacking Essentials Every Beginner Should Know

Backpacking Gear

While preparing for your first backpacking adventure, using the correct gear will make or break your trip. It can leave an adverse impact to be cold at night, have a pack that doesn’t fit, or anything as easy as missing a headlamp. But, with this backpack gear list, you can ensure that such things don’t … Read more

Can You Go Backpacking While Pregnant?

Pregnant Women Hiking

Safe, Healthy Backpacking and Hiking for Pregnant Women Backpacking is a healthy activity for staying in good physical condition during pregnancy. It increases the heartbeat and rate of blood circulation in the body, reducing any swelling. However, if you are pregnant, you should consult with your doctor before planning any backpacking hikes or excursions. Even … Read more