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Can Backpacking Packs Be Carry-Ons When Flying?

Is Your Backpack Acceptable as Carry-On Luggage on an Airline Flight? Can backpacking packs be carry-ons for airline flights? Many backpackers planning their first long-distance hiking adventures have questions about using a backpack as an airline carry-on bag. Actually, with some planning and savvy packing, you can easily carry your backpack on a plane as … Read more

9 Simple Backpacking Tips

Group of Friends

Introduction It’s a hot, dull afternoon, and you are just chilling with your friends.  You’re chatting about random stuff to pass the time, and you ask “why not go backpacking on the weekend?“ Going out on a hike is one of the best relaxation trips you can ever have. Backpacking is an excellent way of … Read more

Welcome to the Backpacking Tribe Nation!


It is with great pleasure that we are open to the backpacking and hiking community. We will do our best to address the needs of the ‘Tribe’ so that you can get the most out of your experiences. Please share with others in the community your successes, challenges, gear ideas, best places to go, and … Read more