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Aarn Design Ltd Peak Aspiration


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The Aarn Peak Aspiration is perfect for those wanting a mid-sized pack with a full Pelvic Form hipbelt able to carry heavy weights with ease, whether for a simple day hike or even to the summit of Mount Everest. It has a great set of features, allowing you to carry a wide variety of gear for diverse conditions and activities. Backlength adjustment to shift the load up or down can be done with the pack on.

Volume Liters Short 42 Long 50 Dimensions Inches Short Height: 21.7 Width: 13.4 Depth (front-back): 7.9 Long Height: 25.6 Width: 13.4 Depth (front-back): 7.9 Weight Pounds (without/with dry liner) Short 3.3 / 3.46 Long 3.53 / 3.68

Which Size Pack? Short or Long?

The Aarn Natural Balance comes in two back lengths, Short and Long. To determine which size is best, determine your back length: Measure the distance from the top of your hip bones to the mid- point of your shoulder. If your back length is less than 15” (38 cm), choose the short: S If your back length is greater than 15” (38 cm), choose the long: L.

What is My Hipbelt Size? Small, Medium or Large?

The Aarn Pelvic-Form Hipbelts come in 3 lengths. To decide the proper fit for you, use a tape measure to determine your waist size, as the top of the hip belt goes around your waist. If this distance is less than 33.5” (85cm) choose the S size; if between 33.5″ and 37.5″ (95 cm) choose the M size; if it is greater than 37.5 ” (95 cm), choose the L size. Note. The use of optional front-loading Balance Bags is highly recommended.

The reduced energy use and body pain compared to carrying all your load behind in a backpack cannot be emphasized enough. The instant gear access of the pockets also increases efficiency, as you do not have to stop and remove the pack to access items needed during the day.

Other optional accessories include Xflow straps, an alternative to sternum straps; and Lasso Lock Straps to hold tent, poles, foam pad, etc. on pack sides.