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Clever Travel Companion Unisex-adult Tank Top with Two Secret Pockets


  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • Tumble dry low
  • Made from 86% cotton, 9% polyester and 5% elastane which makes this tank top comfortable, durable and lightweight. You will love the way it feels against your skin.
  • 100% Pick-pocket proof. Completely invisible to thieves. Comfortable styles with pocket placed for comfort.
  • Traditional tank top style, with one or two large zipper pocket on the front. The pocket is just the right size for a large cell phone and can comfortably accommodate an additional passport, credit cards, id cards, driver’s license, keys and cash too.
  • High quality, zippered and lined pocket. Metal zipper pullers, plastic zipper (does not set off Airport security).
  • The best solution for comfortable and safe travel! Wash warm with like colors. Preferably hand dry or if needed tumble dry low.
  • Available in the following Colors: Black | White | Grey
  • Available in the following Sizes:  X-Small SmallMediumLargeX-LargeXX-Large XXX-Large


These tank tops come in a traditional tank top style, with one pocket under each arm with zipper closure. The pockets are just the right size for a passport and can comfortably hide credit cards, id cards, drivers license and cash too. Only you will ever know the pockets are there, making your travels worry free. 100 % cotton. Wash warm with like colors. Preferably hand dry or if needed tumble dry low. Sizes run normal but when in doubt between two sizes, go larger. The Clever Travel Companions travel safety gear with hidden pockets is developed with safety, style and comfort in mind. More than 400 000 travelers are pick-pocketed each day around the world and even more travelers simply misplace and forget their valuables on the road. With the Clever Travel Companion’s safety products you are perfectly pick-pocket proof. The Clever Travel Companion’s products have been seen in and favorably reviewed by many major travel media publications.