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TravelChair Slacker Chair


  • DURABLE FABRIC: The Slacker is engineered with durable Nailhead fabric and 600d Ripstop polyester for dependability on and off the trail.
  • DURABLE FRAME: The Slacker is reinforced throughout its frame to provide a reliable and long-lasting stool.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONG: Designed for durability and efficiency, the Slacker weighs in at only 2.2 pounds, yet supports up to 275 pounds.
  • COMPACT STORAGE: The Slacker folds to the size of a rolled-up newspaper, taking up less space and making travel easier on the busy camper.
  • SIMPLE CLOSURE: Includes an integrated velcro strap for easy storage and packing while on the go.
  • Available in the following colors: Green | Black | Blue | Red


Slacker Ultimate Slacker 2.0 C-Series Joey Joey C-Series Slacker C-Series Rider
Weight 2.2 lbs 4.5 lbs 2 lbs 2.3 lbs 1.8 lbs 5.6 lbs
Capacity 275 lbs 275 lbs 275 lbs 300 lbs 235 lbs 300 lbs
Frame Powder Coated Steel Frame Powder Coated Steel Frame Aluminum Frame Aluminum Frame Powder Coated Steel Frame Powder Coated Steel Frame
Seat Height 17.5″ 17″ 16″ 16″ 17.5″ 16″
Dimensions (Closed) 3x3x24 4×4.5×30 4x4x14 4X4X14 12x13x17.5 4x4x32
Dimensions (Open) 12x14x20 5x17x30 21x21x28 21x21x28 12×17.5×13 24x31x32
Available in Multiple Colors



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