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Western Owl Outfitters Merino Wool Women’s Long Sleeve Top Crew Neck Shirt


  • 100 % MERINO WOOL | From Australia | 17.5 micron. 160 gsm. 88 NM/2 | Super soft and comfortable | Merino wool is machine washable| HANG TO DRY| Versatile and warm | Three-season crew neck Thermal | Perfect for Camping, backpacking and running | essential part of your outdoor gear |
  • WICK FREE | CRAFTED TO FIT: Sizes XS to L in a regular fit | Designed with Extra length from the Back | Outfitting anyone from the Hard-at-Work to the Hard-at-Play | complementing and forgiving fit |
  • BEST BASE LAYER | A REAL BRAND: Made with Our own design. No Copy Cats are able to create this Design.Best base layer | A REAL BRAND: Made with Our own design. No Copy Cats are able to create this Design.
  • ODOR RESISTANCE | Merino wool’s natural wicking, anti-bacterial | and odor-resistant properties keep you dry and comfortable in hot or cold weather | Merino Wool is known for Wicking Sweat | The most breathable fabric | Absorbs moisture better than any other fibers | its ability to pull moisture away from your body is un comparable | keeps you comfortable.
  • PROTECTS FROM HYPOTHERMIA | Wicking Fabric Keeps Moisture Away From Your Skin | We Advise Hikers To Use 100% Merino Wool Base Layers Because They Retain Warmth Even When Wet | They dry fast and keep you protected in any season |
  • Comes in the following Colors:  Black  Cloud Cream  Navy  Grey
  • Comes in the following Sizes:  X-Small   Small   Medium   Large


Western Owl Outfitters‘ Women’s Merino Wool Crew Nick Ultralight base layer top is recommended for all sweating activities, Merino wool is the most wicking fabric. It keeps the moisture away from your skin as you sweat so that you can stay dry. Being dry is very crucial for winter camping and outdoors activities. You want to make sure you are well taken care of. We advise hikers to use 100% Merino wool base layers because they retain warmth even when wet. They dry fast and keep you protected in any season. Layering is crucial to protect your body from hypothermia. Wear several layers, and bring extras just in case you need more. We recommend the following rule: First layer: Wear wicking fabric next to your skin. Get a long-sleeved undershirt and long johns made from 100% Merino Wool. Second layer: Wear wool or another warm fabric over the base layer. Wool is the best choice for cold weather, since it breathes yet provides great insulation and is very warm. Third layer: Wear a waterproof or a windproof layer on top. The following areas of your body need extra layering: groin, armpits, head, neck, and sides of chest. Bring additional layers in case your clothes get wet. If you’re packing for an expedition, pack your extra layers in a waterproof plastic bag to keep them dry. Stay dry as much as you can! Moisture is your worst enemy for hypothermia. Avoid wet areas unless you’re wearing waterproof shoes and waterproof covers for the bottom of your legs to keep your feet and legs dry.