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What I Have Learned From My Backpacking Trips


From the great memories to embarrassing nostalgic moments, backpacking is a whole fun package. Choosing to get out of the comfort of your home to go backpacking might be the best decision you ever make. Whether you decide to go backpacking alone or with a couple of friends, the thrill remains. The fear and excitement that comes with touring foreign lands are totally worth it. In my experience, backpacking is the ultimate test of endurance. I have discovered lots of traits that I possess that I would otherwise never have known of. Climbing up mountains in freezing temperatures, going for days with little food, I have had it all. But one thing remains certain, I won’t be slowing down on my backpacking adventures.

With backpacking, you can be sure to come back with a few lessons. What have I learned during my backpacking escapades?

Be Yourself and Have Fun    

You know of those movies or tales whereby guys went on a trip and did stuff they would love to forget? Well, during your upcoming backpacking trip, it’s your turn. By all means, loosen up and be yourself. Backpacking trips are the perfect getaways to express yourself. At least once in your lifetime, you have wished more for your life than your usual daily routines.

Absolutely, most backpackers are also looking for the same. You are away from the prying eyes of your nosy neighbors. At home, you may feel you have an image to uphold. But in a foreign country things are quite different. What other better time to be yourself than with a couple of fellow backpackers?

Make New Friends

The best thing about backpacking:  new acquaintances. Go out there and meet new people. When I made the decision to go backpacking, I wanted to quench my thirst for exploration. Friends BackpackingDuring your backpacking trips, you will meet many people. In any case, birds of the same feather will always flock together. Come to think of it, friends you make while backpacking may turn out to be your best friends ever. Your friends at home may cringe at the idea of having to jump off a mountain for a scary zip lining thrill. But to your backpacking friends, fear of the unknown is their greatest addiction. They will jump into any idea that screams exploration. These are the type of friends that you crave. When I am planning on going on a crazy night out, I’ve got just the right people in my contacts; friends I made during my backpacking trips!

Book A Hostel Instead

The best place to meet new friends? Hostels. Hostels are the ultimate hub for all kinds of people. Be it drink junkies, or that quiet introvert, hostels have it all. It would be a wasted opportunity if you choose to live in a hostel and fail to know a few people. Well, not unless you are an expert introvert. And if you are used to having your space in a luxurious apartment, hostels will surely teach you a lot. Why? In hostels, get prepared to deal with the annoying daily drunkard and that guy who never talks unless talked to. In my experience, these situations will mold you into a better version of yourself. You learn traits of tolerance when living with such company. But trust me, you will find refuge with at least one of your roomies. Anyway, in a hub full of people with different personalities, what are the chances of missing your type? Furthermore, hostels will save you lots of cash compared to a hotel. Use this cash to live another day in the mountains, or a night out clubbing in a luxurious bar.

Watch Out For Your Stuff

Your phone may be too cool and hence attract envy from fellow hostel roommates. Or your laptop might be looking sleek enough to cost a couple of hundreds of dollars. Ensure these items are very safely tucked away. During your backpacking trips, you will most likely lose something. Trust me.  You don’t want to feel the pain of losing that valuable gadget to a hostel member. It’s devastating. You never know who your newly made friends indeed are. To be safe, ensure you lock these things up before heading out. Talking of thieves, don’t be one yourself. Your roommate’s fresh pair of Nikes might be look tempting, yet you can’t afford them. By all means, don’t be the reason he/she has a lousy backpacking day, or even ruin their  the entire trip!

We Are All Similar

Remember that part where you talk to strangers and make new friends? Here are some of the things you will discover from these interactions. Despite having different cultures and languages, the human race is generally similar. We are all emotional beings. We get scared when we think about our lack of progress in life. We get the same feelings of emptiness when we lose a loved one. These are things you learn during your interactions with people of different races and culture. Despite what you may have heard or read about a particular group of people, we are all the same. Backpackers, due to their many explorations, usually have a lot of past epic stories. Having conversations with strangers enables you to understand that we all go through similar struggles. Who knows, maybe one of those conversations might result in an idea for your breakthrough in life.

Kindness Is Everything

Well, there are times you will need help from a stranger during your foreign trips. Maybe you need some quick directions to a bus station from a local person. Or you are having trouble trying to identify a good restaurant to grab a quick snack. Such cases will require you to strike up a conversation with a stranger, or else you are doomed. Despite forcing you to interact with new people, being in need also teaches you kindness. You see, none of these locals has an obligation to help you, but they do it anyway. There are times strangers have been so kind to me, that it even baffles me.


 If you have taken a backpacking trip to India, you can probably relate. The generosity and kindness that Indians show to visitors are something to behold. However, be kind enough not to abuse their generosity.




You Are Stronger Than You Think    

Let no one fool you; even the most experienced backpackers get cold shivers before facing the unknown. No one is entirely immune to fear. It gets even worse, especially if you alone amid foreign strangers. You will find yourself scared because you can’t remember the exact location of your hostel. Sometimes it’s money issues. You are always in fear of running out of money while in a foreign land, and well, no one wants that. It’s getting dark, and somehow you are still in those mountains, and it’s getting way creepy. You need to pay a bill, yet your phone battery is dying again and you don’t have any cash in hand. You might have followed our backpacking tips to the letter, but still, something always goes wrong. During these times, remember to keep a cool head and keep moving. You will always get through these storms. In future, you will look back with a smile on your face or maybe even drink to such situations.

Be Appreciative Of The Little Things

Every backpacker will tell you:  living out there with a pack containing a handful of clothes and limited food supplies isn’t easy. One lesson backpacking has taught me is to appreciate the little things in life. Just reaching for your fridge whenever you feel hungry is a blessing. Getting some quiet sleep in a spacious bedroom is a privilege you learn to appreciate. During you backpacking trips, there are days you may even have to go on an unplanned fast. Sometimes, you have to borrow food from your newly made backpacking friends. These situations will have you craving that home life you used to hate due to your thirst for exploration. Well, at home you never went hungry or at least never had to share a room with up to 6 people. In such cases, backpacking will surely humble you. While backpacking, you will also miss your friends and family left at home. I promise you, when you are done with your first backpacking trip, you will be a little more appreciative.


If you love adventure, backpacking will surely be your latest addiction. Though often overlooked – to get the most out of backpacking, be ready to let go. Enjoy every moment as if it’s your last. Meeting new people and experiencing different cultures will leave you with great lessons to take home. Some people you meet during your backpacking trips may turn out to be a great influence in life. Furthermore, most backpackers have visited many foreign countries, acquiring lots of knowledge along the way. Listen to these people, and who knows what may come of it? And if you have still yet to try backpacking, what are you waiting for?