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Why Backpacking Is Good For You


Backpacking has slowly been growing on people, and it’s quite safe to say it’s finally getting the attention it deserves. Gone are the days when only a handful of people had ever indulged in the sport or even heard of it. Backpacking is a complete package of fun, memories, and adventure all in one. But is backpacking simply all about grabbing a bag and taking off to whatever destination comes to your mind? Well, not really. First of all, there’s a lot to learn about that backpack strapped on your shoulders the backpacking experience brings with it lessons that you will indeed have forever. Here are a few more reasons why backpacking is great for you.

Explore the world in the cheapest way possible

What other, cheaper way to explore the world than with a bag of some basic essentials and some cash? Backpackers don’t need to book expensive hotels for a place to lay their heads after a long day of walking. A hostel will always do instead. Similarly, you don’t even need to own any of your backpacking gear to go on a hike. Since backpacking has seemingly been growing in popularity, you can easily rent hiking gear.

Moreover, you can reduce costs, since you will find yourself sharing most expenses with your newly made friends. A bottle of booze, for example, is quite cheap if you share the cost among your buddies. This is another great reason to live in hostels, since chances of finding people who are willing to share expenses are higher there.

Try out amazing cultures

Once in a while, you will be lucky enough to take part in globally recognized cultural events. The Tobago Jazz festival in the country of Tobago is among the top cultural events you may want to experience. The scenic view of a whole nation blooming with life will surely leave you in awe. Trust me, these events will turn your simple backpacking trip into an experience that will be told and retold for years. In backpacking, fun and adventure come before everything.

Find new breathtaking places

Imagine taking a bag, loading in a few items, and grabbing some cash to visit a new place and the scenic view of that new place steals your heart. What was originally meant to be a casual backpacking trip ends up being an astonishing discovery!  – and since you just fell in love with the place, you decide to camp for a little bit longer than planned. Next time, instead of bringing just a backpack, you come back with a truck full of an entire household. This happens to many more backpackers than you can ever imagine. You could be thinking that your place of residence is the best, only you haven’t “tasted” a new place yet! So, go out there and explore the world. You never know what may come of it.

Meeting new people

How can you mention backpacking without considering the exhilarating experience of meeting new people? Interacting with new people is one of the most common ways to help you think outside the box. You never know who you will meet on your backpacking trips. I know of a couple of friends who met while backpacking and went on to launch a great business idea after meeting each other on just such a trip. Moreover, you will meet people you might never have encountered unless you both decided to go try something new. Most of these new friends will call you in a few weeks to invite you to share a new, wild adventure. These friendships last the longest.

Get in shape

When backpacking, one thing remains certain – you will surely be losing quite a few pounds. Walking around with a bag of clothing, food essentials – and a tent maybe – is no joke. Again, most of the backpacking adventures are spent on foot, which is pretty much perfect exercise. As you explore the world during your adventures, you will notice your calves bulging. Well, that’s what happens when you put the calf muscles to work. So, apart from losing a few pounds from traversing a variety of terrain on foot, you will get into great shape as well. There is an affordable ultralight backpack that will go a long way in reducing the load on your shoulders.

Turn on your endurance

The great thing about backpacking is that you can travel the world with a single backpack. Some people ask ‘Who would be brave enough to attempt such a seemingly risky endeavor?’  Most of us get nervous every time our pockets start to run low. For others it’s about the fear of not being with their usual friends and family. While on your backpacking trip, you will begin to realize that these issues don’t matter. These new situations will help build your emotional and physical endurance, since you face your deepest fears head-on. Climbing cold mountains and steep hillsides will surely teach you some unforgettable life lessons. Backpacking with a few essentials, surmounting steep hillsides and camping alone or with new friends under the stars will help you face new challenges and build your character, making you a much stronger person.

Have the moment of your lifetime

Your backpacking trips will give you lots of great memories – not only of the places you get to see first- hand, but also the interesting people you meet. Think of those moments when you decide to go on a getaway with your friends just to “let go.” Backpacking trips are the ultimate source of memories – and embarrassing moments, too. Letting go and being yourself are the best parts of a backpacking trip. For any backpacker who grabs a bag to have fun on a wild adventure, best believe he or she comes back with memories to share and recall for your friends and family who stayed home.

Building your confidence

Ever heard of – or least know of – someone who made it in life starting from nothing? Their confidence and self-esteem are so inspiring. By the time you have experienced a few backpacking trips, you will become more confident and gain a new outlook on your future.

Learn the most important virtues

During your backpacking trips, there are times you might have to go without food because maybe you didn’t calculate the amount you spent on food correctly. Similarly, there are a few friends that you  will leave at home as you indulge your love of backpacking. Those nights spent sleeping under the stars might have you reminiscing about your rather easy home life. After the backpacking trip, you will have learned to appreciate your bed and your friends more. Those times when you will have to eat whatever is available might have you dreaming about your home fridge. These are the moments that mold us into the best versions of ourselves. If more people participated in backpacking adventures, they might truly appreciate what they already have in life.

Knowledge is power!

What do you gain in abundance as you visit states and regions on your backpacking endeavors? Knowledge; lots of knowledge, to be precise. Indulging in new cultures, talking with new people, and seeing new places is everything. Perhaps, this is the best gift you can ever give yourself. So many people across the globe lack new ideas simply because they have yet to see new things, new places, meet new people. So, if you take your time to go on adventures and at least see something you’ve never seen before, you deserve a thumbs up.   Moreover, backpacking lets you get over the fear of the unknown. As they say, everything you ever wished for in life is on the other side of fear. Isn’t it quite impressive that backpacking trips are one of the fun ways to open your mind to the unknown?


Arming yourself with a backpack of basic essentials and some cash to go on new adventures may feel unsettling. However, the backpacking experience is worth it. The fun, joy, and – most importantly – the chance to explore new things and build your self-confidence, can have a long-lasting impact on your life. So, grab a great backpack, decide where to find new, inspiring scenery to trek, and make the life-changing decision to explore the world like a fearless backpacker.

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